Deep88 & Melchior Sultana - Nightwave / Yo House / Dreams 2 Science / Andras Fox Remix
  • Title:
    Nightwave / Yo House / Dreams 2 Science / Andras Fox Remix
  • Artist:
    Deep88 & Melchior Sultana
  • Label:
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  • Date:
    06 / 2014
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About the release:

We have reached number 10. time to celebrate with a remix edition of the Deep88 & Melchior Sultana project. Awaiting the album release (later 2014) we asked 2 of our heroes if they would like to make a remix for us. with a lot a lot (and a lot) of happiness we announce the Nightwave remix by Ben “Cozmo D” Cenac, formerly known as Dream 2 Science (and Sha-Lor and Newcleus and The Cellar Boyz), that made us a wonderful space trip with his dreamy synths and stylish drums.
the other remix is “yo house” treated by the excellent australian producer Andras Fox, that converts the song into a super classy deep house one with a lot of hiss and love. The man behind “running late” really made some magic over the melody of yo house, as usual with the aim of analogue warm-tape-feel and his crazy skills.