Macchina Nera - Collage
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    Macchina Nera
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  • Date:
    12 / 2014
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About the release:

Hello. This is Pastamusik speaking. For more then 10 years the Munich based label issues with constant inconstancy special musical tales from the underground. And since not all stories told and not all songs played and yet not all cows have returned home, we are ready to add another chapter within this tradition. Pastamusik proudly presents with “Collage” by Macchina Nera it’s first long player. The talented Munich based DJ and Producer Macchina Nera already draw some attention with his first release in 2005 (under a different alias). Followed by several releases on different labels around the world he finally found a solid home base with Pastamusik, that resulted in a number of successful releases. So it was a logic consequence in taking the next step and to compile the highlights from his last two years productions in his first album. Munich meets Munich. Or even better – Munich meets the world. Then all of the sudden tracks of Macchina Nera became regulars in the Sets of various DJs around the globe. And this is where he starts with his first album and tells with his unique symbiotic style of House, Disco, Techno and Funk little musical tales from the Cities and it’s Clubs, from all night dance, glimmering Dancefloors and dark corners, from big love and big dramas…..even if it only lasts for one night. And as versatile and diversified like these nights are the consistently energetic tracks, full of unexpected turns and small details that make it worth to listen a little closer Enough said for now, let the music speak for itself. The Album will be available in Vinyl, CD and Digital release, available at real record stores as well as in the digital world of internet. Here comes the soundtrack for Spring, Summer, Autumn an of course for Winter. Timeless! Beautiful!. Thank you!.Kisses! Your Pastamusik.