Samuel - Numberuma / Groove Therapy
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    Numberuma / Groove Therapy
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  • Date:
    02 / 2014
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About the release:

Bristol music has always stood strongest as an alternative to the lowest common denominator, and so it is with BRSTL as the label continues to provide a platform to previously undiscovered talent in the underbelly of the city’s flourishing house scene. Following lauded debuts from Shanti Celeste and Jay L, the sixth installment in the series turns to another unknown in the shape of Samuel.
As with other releases on BRSTL, 006 is made up of two distinct halves. On the A-side, “Numberuma” delivers machine driven house of a rugged and charming nature. The drums switch up with playful intent but largely centre around a forward-charging 4/4 pulse with a faint hint of tropical flavour rubbed into the groove. Meanwhile the limber lead keys speak of sunnier days through a cracked lens while the accompanying chord swells intone an equally uplifting and nostalgic message. While from the outset the track may be wrought from simple ingredients, the dynamic interplay between the different elements belies the producer’s years.
On the flip, “Groove Therapy” opts for a more esoteric approach made up of long, dreamy lead-ins full of distant pads and delicate percussion and transitions as smooth as silk. Indeed this track makes a smart foil to “Numberuma”, choosing to snake its way into the subconscious through delicate melodic content and an undulating beat rather than rambunctious rhythm. Slow-release filters draw that aforementioned pad in before sending it out to sea once more, and all the while the stripped back drums tick out a hypnotic chant.
Once again a pair of unique tracks loaded with character prove BRSTL to be an essential outpost for the most creative 4/4 music emanating from the West Country.