Appointment - Appointment Anniversary
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    Appointment Anniversary
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  • Date:
    03 / 2014
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About the release:

The Appointment program was launched by Marieu, EMG, John Swing and Lucretio in the early 2010. They started to record coarse functional hardware compositions in the cursory sessions they were able to set up when all the four could summon in the same city. After a couple of seminal releases on LiveJam Records and an official remix made for Moodyman on Decks Reworx, they decided to start their own imprint, with bare handmade ink graphichs on thier white labels and with spare press information and media promotion. To celebrate their 10th release, they have decide to tell the world who they are cutting on vinyl their personal reinterpretation of a live session recorded at the Restoration heaquarters. From Lucretio’s post-rave techno, to EMG shrinked deep-house, through Marieu’s breakbeat-electro science to John Swing’s overloaded hip-house, what you find on this 12″ is a true dedication to the sonic quest.
Out at the end of February 2014. ONLY ON VINYL.