Hieroglyphic Being - Acid Rain Under the Stars
  • Title:
    Acid Rain Under the Stars
  • Artist:
    Hieroglyphic Being
  • Label:
    Last Known Trajectory
  • Cat:
    Trajectory 1009
  • Date:
    03 / 2014
  • Available:

About the release:

An explosive caustic acid concoction awaits from within the grooves of this gargantuan twelve inch from Chicago heavyweight, Hieroglyphic Being. ‘Free the Energy (No Vocal Energy)’ is highly volatile, with severely unforgiving and distorted drum programming, this violently radioactive adventure is nothing short of brutal and certainly not for the squeamish. Title cut, ‘Acid Rain Under the Stars’ paints a dreamy landscape, while the acidic protons and neutrons busily rebound in the background on this elongated, hypnosis-inducing and beautifully mind-distorting headtrip. Straight outta nowhere like an atom bomb!