Various Artists - Pacotek 10 Years Celebration
  • Title:
    Pacotek 10 Years Celebration
  • Artist:
    Various Artists
  • Label:
  • Cat:
    PACO 00
  • Date:
    02 / 2014
  • Available:

About the release:

The label is debuting with a compilation dedicated to Pacotek 10 Years Celebration, blending heavily layered jamming of contemporary big-room techno, tribal rooted house and driving acid with broken beat. All tracks are produced by various artists from Tel Aviv and perfectly reflect Pacotek’s musical vision.

Side A presents 2 driving techno tracks with a handful of slammin’ electronic rhythm and combined with mighty funk bass from outer space.
A1 – “Don’t Stop” [by Rei Elbaz and Anna Haleta] – offering what we call pure, functional and proper techno.
A2 – “1afrpzen1” [by Anna Haleta] is a fresh & freaky mood lifter that truly reflects the energetic and quirky character of DJ Anna Haleta.

Side B – is dropping two low base trippy tracks by Mikhail Breen – a talented producer and DJ, born in Siberia, now lives in Tel Aviv.
B1 – “Anterior Causation” [by Mikhail Breen] has this always shifting 303 / Techno bass pads that reel you in and take you definitely under.
B2 – “Moral Phantasmagoria” [by Mikhail Breen] is an electronic middle eastern fairy tale.