T Y O N - Flaw_18
  • Title:
  • Artist:
    T Y O N
  • Label:
    Nsyde Music
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    12 / 2013
  • Available:

About the release:

Touching upon dance musiccuratory milestones like Detroit Techno and Electro, nsyde007 sees TYON, a well-known but beside this moniker for now anonymous traveller, summoning up atmospheres totally his own.

This is space music. But not in the Ra sense. Take the A-Side “Flaw 11”, for instance. This is space music in the way it catapults you out, like the most terrible mistake made by man-machine, into the farthest reaches of an ever faster expanding universe, dark energy tearing at your nipples until they rip off, resemblances of melody orchestrating the drama/bliss of event horizon passage. It’s dark yet beautiful, like the smile on a dying person’s face, and a heavily psychedelic trip at that – but fear not! You won’t be subjected to any despicable noodleage here, just to weird, intensely warped sounds you want to dance your ass off to. “Make It Fat” on the other side is the sci-fi equivalent to Hänsel und Gretel: a perpetuating feeding of the child-to-be-eaten. The finest in Andromeda’s hyper-fattening molecular cuisine gets crammed into the gagging brat as doom is looming over its forehead. And with every spoon that’s being recklessly punched into the poor little demon’s face it is getting closer to its, as well as the dancer’s ultimate goal: total nirvana. Pressed on black vinyl.

Support by:
XDB, Anton Zap, Marcelus, Simbad, Red Rackem, Brendon Moeller and many more…