Aux 88 featuring: Samara - Music Is Your Medicine
  • Title:
    Music Is Your Medicine
  • Artist:
    Aux 88 featuring: Samara
  • Label:
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  • Date:
    03 / 2014
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About the release:

a1. Music Is Your Medicine (Aux 88 Original Mix) 7:08 – Detroit’s AUX88 welcomes singer, ‘Samara’ on to the big stage with big sound. All the elements of a anthem ride within the track, as ‘Samara’ holds her own ground in this premiere collaboration.

a2. Medicine (Nubian Mix) 4:43 – Flat-Out/The intro IS magic sprinkled around ‘Ms. Samara’s’ voice, calling to the listener,
“Don’t stop the music….let it be your medicine”. A delighted mix to a well-written lyric of rejoice & bliss to the dancefloor.

b1. Medicine (Detroit Manipulation Mix) 5:21 – Minimalistic, big Motown techno stabs join the vocal in this engaging taste of sound and texture. Medicine for your soul; Indeed.

b2. Medicine (Detroit Institute Mix) 5:28- Traditional, rich strings play hide & seek with the stark sound of a drone-y bassline for full-on effect. Punchy kicks, dreamy chords, great song….your cured.