Valanx - Ejecta
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    11 / 2013
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About the release:

Valanx returns with the second album on diametric. and Arne Weinberg’s project streamlines the minimalistic approach of the darker aspects of electronic music even more on “ejecta”. The album continues where “xenolith” from 2012 left off. The focus is set on eerie, cinematic and brooding atmospheres with slow pulsating, often tribalistic rhythms and dark electronic sounds. There is an eastern influence to be found in some of the tracks on “ejecta”, and sampling has played an important role in the creation of the music. For best sonic satisfaction listen with headphones in a dark room; the album delivers the soundtrack for the film in your mind. And remember, there is no light without darkness. 200 limited manufactured CD’s in a slim line DVD case. The album will be followed by a remix 12” featuring ADMX-71 (Adam X), The Exaltics, CRC (one half of Morphology) and Louis Haiman.
No digital distribution.