Chocky, Scherbe, de:pot - Stoney Clouds
  • Title:
    Stoney Clouds
  • Artist:
    Chocky, Scherbe, de:pot
  • Label:
    Big Bait Records
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    09 / 2013
  • Available:

About the release:

London underground sound meets south German dopehouse science: Shuffling Grooves, deep chords and the little extra spice of bigbait flavour – that’s the Stoney Clouds EP. On this groundbreaking 4-tracker we introduce London- based producer Chocky, supported by Big Bait stalwarts de:pot and Scherbe.

Stoney Clouds – About the Record
The Stoney Clouds Ep is unfolding a wide span of warm and soulful electronic dance music, again beautifully boxed by our in-house visual-arts-mastermind Marek Slipek!

Go Bananas Original
The opener of this wonderful EP immediately sets the record straight, with smooth as silk drum-patterns rolling around an obscure vocal sample over dirty state-of-the-art-jazzloops. With these ingredients, mastermind Chocky unfolds his unique world of shuffle-laden hyperspace-house, fizzling and wonking every floor to great extent!

Go Bananas Scherbe Remix
Dresden-resident and long-time bigbait collaborator Scherbe takes control of the remix. In his highly significant Slowhouse-style, he turns the original into a lightfoot dancefloor bomb with trademark MPC-grooves slowly pioneering the way for this huge and wet clap, that’s bursting every club speaker into pieces. After the break a sparkling synth arpeggio comes in, abducting the dancer into unknown yet addictive discoid heights.
Stoney Clouds Original
Straight forward from the beginning, the title track of this EP opens dj-friendly with huge kicks and jazzy hihat patterns. In an unbelievably smooth stop-and-go manner, a deep bassline pairs itself with an almost sucked-out clap compressing everything into an amalgam of UK-history-laden deephouse funk for every smoked out latenight workout.

Stoney Clouds de:pot Remix
Last but not least we have de:pot, the crazy beat-wizard from Gera. His remix doesn’t even bother to stay close to the original. Instead, inscrutable, de- quantized patterns wipe over deconstructed sample melodies twisted with his highly educated trademark sound to a completely new definition of German dopehouse science. This one is for the sophisticated headphone connoisseur who likes his b2 sides slow and dirrrty!