Benedikt Frey - Corridors
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  • Artist:
    Benedikt Frey
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  • Date:
    06 / 2013
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About the release:

Lopasura, on only its second release is evidently becoming a force to be reckoned with. Benedikt Frey’s distinct rugged aesthetics toy with some conceptual ideas for each contribution; flirting with Greek mythologies, romantic legends and the idea of intricate layered meanings and rhetoric’s for the EP as a whole. Coarse kick drums and clattering percussions are used in conjunction with epic industrial and machine-like synth lines, beautifully engineered and held together by the mixed emotions and moody atmospheres present in all three tracks. The genuine and heart-felt intent with Frey’s work is undeniable, producing a fine and certain quality that will surely resonate with anyone in favour of the live and raw musical attributes he is skillfully displaying with each new release.