Appointment - Appointment Live Act
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    Appointment Live Act
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  • Date:
    05 / 2013
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About the release:

Appointment008 is an extract of the seminal rehearsals of the Appointment Live Act recorded on ferromagnetic tape. Each side lasts a dozen of minutes and endorses the Appointment Live Act innovative potential.
The Appointment Live Act is not grounded on prearranged phrase or patterns: every performance is unique and unrepeatable. Marieu samples vinyls ad-lib and adds noises and blips with a little Korg monster, John Swing controls the delays and writes relentless drums on a tr-909, Lucretio arranges emergent structured on an analogue sequencer,EMG plays out this structures from an insurgent Vermona Perfourmer and explores the sonic spectrum with a German grainy filter. Distortion, saturation, improvisation, breaks, funk and techno: the Appointment Live Act goes beyond minimalism to reach out the inner functions of the waveforms transmission.