Pier Bucci & Jacek Sienkiewicz - Eastern Promises EP
  • Title:
    Eastern Promises EP
  • Artist:
    Pier Bucci & Jacek Sienkiewicz
  • Label:
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    11 / 2009
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About the release:

After the exquisite “Eastern Promises” EP on Recognition, Pier Bucci and Jacek Sienkiewicz again join forces for another two slices of romantic extravaganza, this time for Pier’s Maruca imprint.
Both artists seem to share a certain sensibility and inclinations towards a sort of a modest elegance – which is as much old-fashioned, as utterly charming.
“Droga Mila” is a perfect example of this obviously mature attitude. Rhythms, although quite fast-paced, are never aggressive, clearly aimed towards the audience keen to hear much more behind the kick drum. Warm, organic and wrapped in feathery padding, those beats are contrapuncted by arpeggiated synth line, bringing a distant hint of melancholic uneasiness. Add some mind-bending post-industrial soundscapes and here’s almost 9 minutes of fairly engaging exercise going beyond your daily dose of generic minimal techno.
Flip the record for a track simply designed to become a classic. “Luna”, built around a notorious female vocal sample, is indeed evoking a frozen full moon on a cloudless sky. Clocking steadily over 12 minutes, this epic story never gets boring, breathing life and mystery all over the place. Both artists’ trademark mechanical noises and breakdowns are here, twisting and turning the ways of the song, together with pitch-black bass stabs and some of this notorious jazzy vibraphone sounds. The track slows down and accelerates, never losing its plot and consequently wrapping up this long, wintery, dark bedtime story. Yet another winner from two friends from two different corners of the globe – Eastern Europe and South America have never been so close!