The Guy On The Couch - Golden Lady EP
  • Title:
    Golden Lady EP
  • Artist:
    The Guy On The Couch
  • Label:
    Earth Mothern
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    04 / 2013
  • Available:

About the release:

The Guy on the Couch is the project of Andee Rk’s and the infamous duo of The Analogue Cops. “Golden Lady” is a techno flavored house E.P. that blast every dancefloor. It has been written, mixed and produced at the Restoration headquarters with the use of any computer.
The tracks has been premastered by The Analogue Cops in their raw and compromise-less.
The short A side is so mighty that it has the power to stop the time.The beats are tight and the influence of the artists of the second Detroit wave is vivid.
“The Last Word” is an evocative deep house track enriched by numerous samples of old crispy records. Smooth and addicting, it’s a late night tune.
“Drei Hunde” has a funky hypnotic groove that set off a wild pitch hook. Just six minutes of danger.