Optic Nerve - Time Lapse
  • Title:
    Time Lapse
  • Artist:
    Optic Nerve
  • Label:
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  • Date:
    06 / 2013
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About the release:

Keith Tuckers Optic nerve persona returns with the Timelapse ep. Side a1 Minimal Detroit mix is a dark minimal Mood beat pumped excursion into techno floor stumper. A2 Time Displacement mix is a completely different Take with alternative beats creating a sort of shift in time. The tracks show Tuckers growth and influence on Electro and techno with his work in Aux 88.

Side two One moment in time is a Detroit sort of metroplex gem . Tucker once again shows his melodic Melodies and baselines that shows his love for Detroit music and grooves. A highly thought out sequence of great sounds and string chords as only Optic nerve does it. Tucker has hinted many times that he has a lot of Unreleased music from his metroplex days!
B2. Transient Force records label owner AS1 gives us a true electro mix which keeps alot of the original mix of One Moment in Time. The tone is A more Electro clash techno mesh of urban beat programming for the electro heads.