Kareem & Peter Schumann - Bastard Child of House
  • Title:
    Bastard Child of House
  • Artist:
    Kareem & Peter Schumann
  • Label:
    Platte International
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    04 / 2013
  • Available:

About the release:

“Bastard Child of House” is a tribute to Chicago’s most famous record store. Inspired by a video about some native Chicago guys working at the store, Peter Schumann and Kareem decided to set words to a tune and create their own version of the story. They asked their buddy DCNT if he could add his interpretation too. And so it happened that words became sound and sound inspired more sound and as we speak everything turns into words again.
With both versions the tooliness is very obvious, while the original is organic and warm in terms of tone and sound design, the dcnt version has a more technoish feel and relies heavily on its edgy and straightforward character.


Anthony Collins (curle/highgrade):
original track is really good
great beats
thanks for sharing

Joakim (Tigersushi):
This is really good, thanks

Beaner (La Mission):
both good, but that dcnt remix is CRAZY! good one…

Hartmood Harzwerk:
yeah, thanks mate. full support!;)

Martin Eyerer (KlingKlong):
cool stuff. Will play in my radioshow!

Mark Henning:
dcnt remix is dope!!! awesome.. love it

Mathias Kaden (Vakan/FAT):
fette platte!!!!!hab sie mir auch gestern als vinyl gekauft!!!!!