Akiko Kiyama - Flesh Got Spirit EP
  • Title:
    Flesh Got Spirit EP
  • Artist:
    Akiko Kiyama
  • Label:
    Lick My Deck
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    11 / 2009
  • Available:


About the release:

Akiko Kiyama is back on LMD after kick starting the label with her acclaimed Misidia Monarchy EP. Since then her sound has matured and grown, the Flesh Got Spirit EP shows this in more ways than one. With a brooding sub low bassline & twisted intricate layers a genius vocal comes into play lifting the track only then to be placed back into the depths of the abyss. Treppen is a peak time destroyer, sucking you into a hypnotizing rhthym that builds and builds creating a feeling that something is about to happen, strange vocals that sound like lost souls haunt the track hooking you in only to spit you back out onto a roller coaster baseline. Sometimes is a harmonic cruise control roller that takes you on a trip through Akiko’s wonderland.


Jeff Samuel : Flesh got spirit is one of the most twisted tracks i've ever heard ! Akiko always goes against the grain.

Richie Hawtin : Great work from Akiko, will support !!

John Digweed : WOW !! It's work like this that keeps dance music fresh & alive !!

Raudive : Love "flesh got spirit", very trippy and wobbly, but still with a solid beat!

Italoboyz : Thanx for this release, I think it’s pretty cool! I like treppen the most for now, I will play it tonight for sure !!

Laurent Garnier : Interesting stuff, will test them out.

Brothers Vibe : Sometimes is the track for me - KILLER! Love the beats, the groove - good for the peeps All and all great project...

Tim Xavier : Akiko's tunes are always on point...Il