The Analogue Cops. - Heavy Hands LP
  • Title:
    Heavy Hands LP
  • Artist:
    The Analogue Cops.
  • Label:
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    04 / 2013
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About the release:

From the depths of the cavernous Restoration Headquarters comes the debut album from the notorious Analogue Cops and marks their return to the infamous Berlin imprint. After a busy 2012 curating the Third Side project together with Steffi, the duo pair up for this filthy, distorted and crackling collection of hardware oddities, body stompers and circuit-bending analogue excursions built for total dance floor annihilation. From the pouncing, distorted kicks and funked-out-as-fuck samples of “Steffi’s Disco Crime” or the the seductively grooving house swirls of “SecondDiscoCrime” featuring Steffi herself, the LP immediately sets the scene for what evolves into a standout work from the Cops. Separated by crafty infusions of machine drones, each side of the two wax plates emanates ferocity, such as on “Blackmails” – a scorching, industrialist viewpoint on techno and even the broken, percolating beats of “Fraudulent Advisors”. UK techno crafter and Parassela co-member, Blawan, injects his inimitable grit into “Light Reduction”, a fearlessly scorching bundle of distorted percussion and improvisational sonics; whilst the uncontainable bursts of drums on “Vopo” are guaranteed to send your jaw into a twist…Last but not least, “Grove Line Forcing” showcases the duo’s undeniably individualistic sampling methods, whilst “Pearls Robbery” (featuring the mysterious Stanley Anscorm) heads down murkier, more convoluted paths, where lo-fi bass lines meet glitched-out percussion breaks for an early morning mutant techno workout. Watch your back – techno restoration is upon us… 

words by Pietro Barbieri-h