Gebrüder Teichmann Feat. Foremost Poets with Losoul Remix - Time’s Almost Up!
  • Title:
    Time’s Almost Up!
  • Artist:
    Gebrüder Teichmann Feat. Foremost Poets with Losoul Remix
  • Label:
    Killekill House Trax
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    02 / 2013
  • Available:

About the release:

The two brothers of GEBRÜDER TEICHMANN have been regular guests at the early KILLEKILL events. That’s because they have a very similar approach to electronic music as we do. First of all they are deeply in love with the music itself and not the fame, the money or whatever one might expect to get when making music, and second they have a wide musical horizon and interesting perspectives on it, because they are active on several levels, as djs, musicians, promoters etc. First of all though they got class and taste, and so we are happy to present their cooperation with one of our personla heroes and one of the very big names in early house music: JOHNNY DAN- GEROUS aka FOREMOST POETS.
With many Chicago greats, Johnny is One of the inventors of The Deep House Sound through his own blend of future funk & spoken word. In 1990, he released his first underground hit single “Reasons To Be Dismal?” on Nu Groove/SBK Records. A few years later, Johnny dropped the atomic bomb “Problem 13 (I Beat That *itch With A Bat)” in 1993 and orbited into the Dance Music Hall of Fame. Since then, the name carries great respect in the underground throughout the entire world. When Johnny’s striking voice appeared on his release “Moonraker”, he set a new standard for DJs around the world.
Together with Johnny the TEICHMANNs have produced “TIME’S ALMOST UP!”, an acid house anthem that transports well the energy of Johnnys early works: funky, trippy and positive, a dance- floor with a consciousness that’s rare nowadays.
LOSOUL, one of Germany’s finest house producers, delivers a reduced and even more tripped out version of the original.