Third Side, Xenogears a.k.a.The Analogue Cops, Lucretio - Captain Power E.P.
  • Title:
    Captain Power E.P.
  • Artist:
    Third Side, Xenogears a.k.a.The Analogue Cops, Lucretio
  • Label:
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    10 / 2009
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About the release:

Restoration Record’ s highly awaited eighth release is the most powerful sonic weapon to face up this hard times. Captain Power and the soldiers of the future will lead the riot of the machines in order to restore the analogue kingdom. Humans and machines, blood and fire, souls and transistors are operating together to fight the conformism and the loss of values imposed by the mass communication of this post-industrial era.

THIRD SIDE is the new operative group of Restoration, formed by MARIEU, LUCRETIO and by resident dj of Panorama Bar STEFFI (Klakson/Ostgut Ton).“Ready to Dance” is a dancefloor disco-bomb, funky and sexy but minimalistic at the same time. Very essential in its build-up, its bass line is addicting and relentless and its bass drum is powerful. We are ready to dance, it’s time to jack!

ANALOGUE COPS´ “Chamber” is a strong dark track in which a massive 808 drum explosion runs together with an ultra-pitched down voice sample. Rushing percussions, piercy hi-hats, a breathless progression. An experiment which turns into a solid club tack.

On side B, “Still me” represents LUCRETIO’s vocation to neoclassicism. The time disappears and a gospel organ full of motown reminiscences reminds the most soulful works appeared on Planet Earth. Dramatic and sweet, it’s evocative and hopeful. LUCRETIO’s track on Rst006 appears on Tama Sumo’s “Panorama Bar – Mix Cod”.

“Mauzy” is MARIEU deepest track on Restoration. Beat-down smashing 909 drums, punchy snares, delightful piano chords, sharp cymbals, a praising voice. A track for a spiritual elevation, a track to dance until the last second. A track to listen to a million of times.