Macchina Nera - Loser Beats Winner
  • Title:
    Loser Beats Winner
  • Artist:
    Macchina Nera
  • Label:
  • Cat:
    PAM 16
  • Date:
    02 / 2013
  • Available:

About the release:

It’s no secret that Munich is named the most northern Capitol of Italy. And when you close your close your eyes during Midsummer then it really it seems as if you hear the Mediterranean Sea and not the Isar River flowing through the English garden. Beer turns into wine, Weisswurst to Salami Milanese and BMW into Fiat. Well, not really right? One thing that is definitely true is the common love to Italodisco that links the Bavarian Capitol for more then 30 years to the Italian Riviera. During the 1970s Giorgio Moroder made Munich an Epicenter of Synthie-Disco. “The sound of Munich” captured in a flash the world and suddenly Popstars appears between Viktualienmarket and Sendling Gate during their leisure time.The general southern lifestyle is our driving force and not temporary fashion phenomenas. Beergarden on Sunday is still the cozy alternative to endless afterhours up in the northeast. Macchina Nera an mysterious alpine character already gave a guest appearance at PAM 15.5 besides the label boss Anette Party. Now it’s his turn to rev up. And you just hold his Debut EP in your hand.
Here the super chef mixes up what came under his nose in the last decades. House tunes, a sirens voice that even would have made good old Sylvester jealous together with an ass moving groove that bring every Epic-O-Meter to explosion. The essence unveils the pure sou of this exceptional talent. Full of love turned it all Pastamusik co-workers to little creatures floating through the office on hand made hearts. Macchina Nera is a well known old stager in his hometown who represents the Munich Lifestyle and joy as (almost) no other. But – this is only the beginning. Soon we’ll be back to release a of full Album of this gem-artist as well as a number of remixes suitable for all (s) ex positions. Remember his name!