Deep88 - Removing Dust
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    Removing Dust
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  • Date:
    02 / 2013
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About the release:

12records is here to introduce the 2nd album by Deep88, aka Alessandro Pasini.
This album is a collection of Removing Dust EP vol 1 +2 (available separately).
After some 12 inches released on vinyl only it felt right to collect some of the best songs released together with the brand new material and create an organic album, Supporting the album with a live setup (No laptop is involved).
Self made artist, up since 2004 with different projects, Deep88 decided to start his own label in 2011 in order to release his music with no care or attitude to trend or fashion sound, developing his own style, spacing house music from classic deep to extreme raw sample based, collecting historic music gears and hardware during the years and mixing them together with other new digital toys.
The result is an album where you can find some cheesy balearic songs together with some inner raw tracks, due to his eclectic attitude. It’s all about the way he decides to create music, it can be either using just an old sampler and a turntable or using some analogue and digital synths and a computer or just mix these 2 points of view together.
01) intro
just an amazing intro, where the background classic producer voice explain why he prefer to work for his own label
02) salsa house
cover from the classic richie rich salsa house, already on vinyl and super played from the best djs
03) the vibe
classic 93 underground style music, with chords and voice progression
04) grancartridge
sampling on sampling on test audio and classic raw house vibe on roland tr505
05) stories (the sghembo dub)
cover from the classic cachacas (and izit) song, in a dub mode, space echo at its best
06) italo82 feat the huge (disco remix)
balearic song with the magic voice of the huge, makes me happy
07) like a trembling h
powerful dreamytrack, chord progression and a repetitive and obsessed voice all around
08) sing it back
last cover of the album, nothing beside original one, but more a tribute to one of the best band of the recent years
09) la beija
a raw tribute to house vogue style and real disco floor
10) 100% kamelhaar
even more raw
11) thor ens funk
the power of a sampler and a turntables and some noisy 1 euro vinyl
12) italo82 feat the huge (melchior sultana slow mix)
balearic ballad from the magical hands of melchior sultana, multi-instrumentalist house producer
13) summer feat laura (irregular disco workers remix)
bonus remix of irregular disco workers on chill out song, taking disco back