Pascal Schäfer - Rythmes EP
  • Title:
    Rythmes EP
  • Artist:
    Pascal Schäfer
  • Label:
    Kalk Pets
  • Cat:
    Kalk Pets 01
  • Date:
    01 / 2005
  • Available:
  • A1: Mystére
  • B1: Poupée
  • B2: l'orgue
About the release:

So here it is, the first release on Kalk Pets, the new sub-label under the roof of Karaoke Kalk. Pascal Schäfer, who has already released his recent debut album “Dawn” as well as his 2003 EP “Melody Express” on Karaoke Kalk, starts the Kalk Pets series with his “Rythmes EP”. The three tracks are called “Mystére”, “Poupée” and “L’Orgue” and take up roughly where “Melody Express” ended.