Kaan Duzarat - Where Did Heron Go (Incl. The Analog Roland Orchestra RESHAPE)
  • Title:
    Where Did Heron Go (Incl. The Analog Roland Orchestra RESHAPE)
  • Artist:
    Kaan Duzarat
  • Label:
  • Cat:
    PAM LTD 010
  • Date:
    11 / 2012
  • Available:

About the release:

In Munich the sun always shines. Even at night. This Pastamusik LTD is the living proof for that. The sonic power even increased after a DEMO arrived in here by Orient Expense. A Demo by a young talented man carrying the seldom name KAAN DUZARAT. Of course, after listening to his tunes we had to unpack shorts and skirts since the heat started to become unbearable. Finally we concluded that heat in winter is a good thing so we gave the release an earlier release date. Kaan is different he’s slow without losing himself into the general discovery of slowness. His tracks sound like they were produced at 40C heat without losing the focus on Techno as its main goal. Rare and beautiful worlds got openend to tbe listeners ears. At his hometown, the young man is responsible for the bookings of Istanbuls Nightclubs Otto and MiniMuzikhall and he also runs his own new label named “Vesveseve” from which we believe will hear a lot more in the future.
The B-Side is a reshape (what an un-German word) by THE ANALOG ROLAND ORCHESTRA in it’s unique stylish way and shows us how a Turkish Bazar would work in Munich.
The PAMLTD010 comes in a limited Vinyl Edition of 300 records. The first 100 in clear vinyl. On one hand we love playing around with the pressing plant and of course they should also become part of our Discogs retirement funding program. A Turkish-German Friendship as it should be. Welcome Kaan Duzarat our modest lodge may also be your home….