Rk's present Sunwalkers - A Tribute To Light (incl. Terrence Parker Remix)
  • Title:
    A Tribute To Light (incl. Terrence Parker Remix)
  • Artist:
    Rk's present Sunwalkers
  • Label:
    Earth Mothern
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    10 / 2012
  • Available:

About the release:

Sunwalkers is the b-side project of Rk’s, that’s what happens when the power of the beats meets the light of the synths.
A raw mix of miscellaneous pad and analogue drums that start with A Tribute, a detroit reminding track, 303 acid bass and a blaze of sweet melodies, like the old school way says. The ride goes on with 2, an easy dancing jam, the piano chords run into an unceasing clap for a massive dirty floor killer.
On the b-side Terrence Parker puts his groovy piano style on a brilliant remix of The Light, seven minutes of pure Detroit Parker’s energy with a dreamy heartbreaker bridge.
The last track is the original version of The Light that brings you back to the Sunwalkers sounds, a slow deep track with an acid touch… A Tribute To Light…