Andrès Garcìa / John Keys (Andrès Garcìa and Dandy Jack) - Love & Destruction
  • Title:
    Love & Destruction
  • Artist:
    Andrès Garcìa / John Keys (Andrès Garcìa and Dandy Jack)
  • Label:
    Ruta 5
  • Cat:
    RUTA 05
  • Date:
    10 / 2012
  • Available:

About the release:

Initially focused on its mission to spread left-field dance music from South America, with early appearances of the likes of Luciano and Pier Bucci, the Swiss-Chilean label is now ready to conquer the whole wide world. Under the command of the imprint’s ever-energetic epicenter Dandy Jack aka Captain Deutschland, Ruta 5 Pepino Airways flight n° 5 takes off to a truly compass-defying journey: « Love and Destruction » is international, interlingual and intermedial, drawing its force from multiple global friendship bonds and family bounds. Acclaimed Swiss-Spanish composer for dance, IDM and theater music Andrès Garcìa delivers a tight solo ride, once again showing both his hip movement inducing capacities and inventive subtlety. On the flipside, Garcìa and Dandy reunite under their common moniker John Keys, granting us an onward pushing dubbed-out space shaker with a surprising touch of 19th century french poetry. Another lyrical extravagance is proposed on the record’s cover, which features a poem by chilean poet Federico Schopf, who is also Dandy Jack’s father. « El amor o la destrucción » has been translated into Russian, as recent travels have evoked the son’s sympathy for the countries of the former USSR. The artwork of Timur Basha, a talented young designer and DJ from Kiev, completes this holistic approach of a physical release.