Various - Combined EP v3.0
  • Title:
    Combined EP v3.0
  • Artist:
  • Label:
    Abstract Forms
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    09 / 2012
  • Available:

About the release:

It’s about time The Exaltics and Koova appeared on Abstract Forms, and part three, the next instalment of the Combined series, is the perfect vehicle for the pair to showcase their talent. The Exaltics deliver a stealthy blow of three typically wonderful works, ranging from the menacing tension of ‘Cold Lights’, to the dark acid-techno of ‘With The Lights Out’, to the restrained electro shuffle of ‘The Last Resort’. Flip over to where Koova operates, taking us on a journey from the deep atmospheres of ‘Shift Register’, to the mechanical electro rhythms of ‘RTFM’ and ending the EP with the wonderful clinical execution of ‘Flux Tube’. Superb.