Shingo Suwa - Merkur 5
  • Title:
    Merkur 5
  • Artist:
    Shingo Suwa
  • Label:
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    10 / 2012
  • Available:

About the release:

After the previous four compilation releases, Merkur’s founder Shingo Suwa now announces his own EP.

As first track ‘Never leave me / original mix’ is a smooth house track, which combines synthetic riffs and chords
with a solid bass line.
‘HM Dub’ is a remix by House Mannequin, This remix contains some of the vintage Chicago style beat,
including filtered pads with dubbed samples. It is an incessant groove of a mellow and simple dub edit.

Side B ‘Inhaled deeply / original’ is a profound production by Shingo,
created with a deep and raw groove. Wild rhythms assist the techno flavor here as well.
‘Sei Katsu Acid mix’ was created by the mysterious newcomer ‘Sei Katsu from Miyazaki’.
This remix is a repetitive trip through hypnotic, sweeping synthesized lines and tricky drumming.
It’s kind of a DJ tool that is functional on the dance floor.

The label and his crew were able to create some sound and functional tracks,
The vinyl has a quite modern underground atmosphere that is received well on the floor. The record has two original tracks made by Shingo. Additionally, it includes a remix for each track. Merkur releases as vinyl only, limited to 300 copies.