DCNT - Abyss
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    Platte International
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  • Date:
    09 / 2012
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About the release:

We are proud to introduce a new member to the Platte family. It’s DCNT aka Franklin De Costa. The Producer who is also an excellent DJ, has been making music with his collection of analogue equipment for more than a decade. With his steady output on labels like Trapez, Curle, Greta Cottage Workshop, Resolute and Mule he has established himself as one of Germany´s top addresses in terms of deep and soulful electronic music and has managed to create his own unique sound signature.
With his DCNT project De Costa transports his very emotional way of producing music into something more focused and straightforward. You can hear this on our latest Platte 005 Release, which presents a nice range of styles over four tracks, that make it as useful for DJing as it is for home listening. The latter becomes very obvious with Abyss, the B1 track that gives the 12-inch its name. Breaking out of the 4×4 template this Neo-Detroit journey is a good example for De Costas ability in building up dense and complex ambient synthscapes and melodies that steadily evolve into ecstasy.
Komakim comes along with a “flat beat” like bassline garnished with a chordy synth stab that makes the track a testament to the power of simplicity in dance music.
With Strawdraw and Irvine on the A-side of the single, the tooliness is very obvious. Both tracks intelligently rely on the fundamental elements of music pitch, rhythm and time. Pounding bass heavy grooves and loose rippling drum patterns sound like the producer turned of his sequencers grid to create a record that is so obviously both vintage and current at the same time.