Samuel André Madsen - Moodsy EP
  • Title:
    Moodsy EP
  • Artist:
    Samuel André Madsen
  • Label:
    Nsyde Music
  • Cat:
    nsyde 004
  • Date:
    09 / 2012
  • Available:

About the release:

When a young guy from Copenhagen sent us his music, a single listen was all it took to notice the special talent at work here. It was obvious that these tracks deserved an immediate release.
As fate would have it, 1 years have passed since. The tracks however, never lost any of their timeless depth. Theology student Samuel André Madsen from Denmark knows how to combine single elements into a groove collage defying all stereotypes.
Northwest Cave Groove is brushed lightly against the grain, against all expectations, opens up once the chords hit.
Moodsy (12” vinyl exclusive) opens with a warm hypnotic sound carpet that is hard to resist.
The following breaks sends the track into stasis.
Finally, Achterbahn D ´Amour rebuild the original track into an epic, tercet-laden, 9 min. acid monster with a classic 808/909 barrage. At the end elegiac strings convert it into a and yet surprisingly thriving field of flowers.