Eve White - The Trial / He Said - She Said
  • Title:
    The Trial / He Said - She Said
  • Artist:
    Eve White
  • Label:
  • Cat:
    CIM 01
  • Date:
  • Available:


  • A: The Trial
  • B: He Said / She Said
About the release:

The Trail:
The A – side creates a warm and nearly nostalgic atmosphere on the
dance floor. The arrangement makes „ The Trail“ become gradually
more energetic. Bit by bit, the track becomes richer without getting off
the track. „The Trail“ appears to be kind of a harmonic dualism with the
baselines deep groove forming a pole corresponding with the melody.

He Said / She said:
Just like the bongos, the reference like pinpointed voice samples are
intentionally used as brandings. Using these stylistic means in doses,
White Eve are clever enough to prevent them from clashing. The B-side
is far from cheap showmanship. All components create a symbiotic,
melted whole. Every breathing time is for Funk and makes the track a
cool mover for the cigarette after.

Eve White:
Sascha Kurz aka Motec and Daniel Gelbe merged to the „Eve White“ duo
in summer 2006. Their debut will be CIM ́s very first release. The duo
did not let themselves get carried away to take a photograph since
brief impressions are not their business at all. They focus on the
relevant bits in a factual way instead. With a special instinctive feeling
the duo places itself were so many things began and come up with two
housy old school tracks that take their time.

Sehr feine melodisch-deepe Tracks mit einer perfekten Balance aus detroitigem Flair, verspielten Arrangements und mächtigem Wumms. Eine Platte, die neue Wege in der Welt der neuen Detroittracks öffnet, weil sie irgendwie auch den Moment mitnimmt, an dem House und Detroit irgendwie noch unhinterfragbar miteinander verknüpft waren. Perfektes Debut für das Berliner Label. Bleed *****

Zwei perlend housige Old School Stücke legen Eve White auf dem ersten Output ihres eigenen Labels Contentismissing hin. Der Titeltrack entwickelt sich durch sein verspieltes Piano und die konterkarierende Bassline zu einem feinen, deepen Groove, durchzogen von einer warmen Atmosphäre. Die B-Seite („He Said/ She Said“) lässt sich noch mehr Zeit und entfaltet durch die tiefen, männlichen Vocals, den lässigen Leadsynth und Bongos, die frei atmen lassen, seine Wirkung als nächtlicher Glücksspender