J.T.C. - Beats in Space
  • Title:
    Beats in Space
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  • Date:
    09 / 2012
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About the release:

On the heels of the success of Tin Mans – S_MPL_HOUSE EP Shaddock is proud to welcome another true master for the labels fifth release: J.T.C.

Originally produced for Tim Sweenys Beats in Space radio show the title track was heard in one of J.T.C.s DJ sets during a night out in Berlin and was signed to Shaddock on the spot. Heavy on the synths with a stirring bass-line and a driving 808, Beats In Space is destined to shake-up every dance-floor.

Stepping up for his first ever remix duty is no other than Madteo of Meakusma, Workshop or Joy Orbisons Hinge Finger fame, who added his unique signature of twisted, hypnotic left-field house, aptly titling his re-work ‘Mad in Space.

On the flip J.T.C showcases his more melodic side as well as his versatility as a producer. The First Night Cycle, feat. Ellis Monk is a metabolic track clocking in at eight minutes developing over time, all the while under-laid with James T. Cottons ceaseless heavy grooves.

Love Canopy And Vessels finishes this little gem in the best Detroit/ Chicago house fashion.