Dinky + Matthew Styles / Pier Bucci - Phantasma Vol.2
  • Title:
    Phantasma Vol.2
  • Artist:
    Dinky + Matthew Styles / Pier Bucci
  • Label:
    Diamonds and Pearls
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    06 / 2009
  • Available:


About the release:

Phantasma Volume 2 by Dinky, Matthew Styles and Pier Bucci is out now. This lovingly designed record is produced by three artists we really like and and it is just grea they decided to work with us again. Matthew is damn sure one of our favourite producers and Pier´s skills are nothing short of his. On the last release we made with them, they´d worked
together as Oblique Strategies on Balld Inc. For Phantasma Volume 2 Pier wrote a track on his own, highlighting the noble beats he is known for and expanding the explicit cadenced patterns with a chord phrase that leads the structure to perfection. Dinky whose work was released on such labels as Cocoon, Traum, Vakant and of course on her own imprint Horizontal composed the other side together with Matthew and you can sense their familiarity at once. The two arranged “Choises” carefully, sleek and free of any kind of hubris. Well, this attitude is hart to find these days and their versed piece may calm your stressed out ears both in the club and at home.