Commodity Place / passEnger / Cosmic Metal Mother - The Power of Movement in Plants EP
  • Title:
    The Power of Movement in Plants EP
  • Artist:
    Commodity Place / passEnger / Cosmic Metal Mother
  • Label:
    Electronique.it Records
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    05 / 2012
  • Available:

About the release:

A concept taken from an old book of Charles Darwin,
where he theorized the existence of a brain in plant roots, in order to feature a stylistic evolution from Ambient to Techno.
A free way of thinking without schemes, as we move into territory that we love, in the boundless fields of electronic music. 

Vinyls are limited and numbered with stencil artwork printed on the cover made to create a unique piece of each copy.
Side A: Commodity Place – Soils
A special ambient song inspired by Pete Namlook’s music, a 13 minutes journey into space. The sound of Commodity Place is an intense travel experience from the seventies psychedelic area to modern complex structures of ambient, balearic and drone music.
Soils represents an ascent to heaven with synth progressions, natural field recordings in the background and simply magic melodies. Today a lot of music is defined as ambient but just a small part of it can really capture the essence.

Side B1: passEnger – Is This For Real?
A Detroit downtempo track with sweet melodies and muffled electro beats. Pure futuristic soul.
When you like dense and glorious pads, deep soulful imprint and ultra sophisticated architectures this is the song for you. You can also find references to Detroit electro and some lo-fi techno models from the 90’s. passEnger is a man coming from the future.

Side B2: Cosmic Metal Mother – The Unreleased Techno Mixes Series (comunicazione uno)
A special track, simply a strange adventure into techno music with old school industrial influences, distorted rhythms and powerful dynamics. For this project CMM changed his attitude.
He is usually a balearic/downtempo maker, but he also knows music. This track shows his personal interpretation of pure techno music reminds of Irdial Discs first experiments and minimalist features of Sähkö.