PUZZLEBOX RECORDS A label consisting of intricate precise pieces, formed, maneuvered, and fused together to form unlimited possibilities. PuzzleBox Records Formed in late 1995 By Keith Tucker and Anthony Shakir. Anthony Shakir gave Tucker the Idea to a start label. While Tucker still working on 430 West and Direct Beat with AUX 88. Tucker was giving total freedom to work on his many other personas, DJ K-1 (AUX 88) Alien FM, and Optic Nerve. While working with Tommy Hamilton long before and during their tenure together as AUX 88. Tucker and Hamilton’s greatest assets to each were their style of techno music. Feeling that the time was right Tucker went on to create PuzzleBox Records with the thought of continuing on with Live Shows and music from his other personas. Aura (KT-19941) and With A Piece of Ice (Anthony “Da Sampler” Shakir), was the first PuzzleBox release in late 1995. PuzzleBox has since released many more EP..s to date. Introduced in 1998 to Karl Fultz (Metroplex Records) while playing together as Model 500. Tucker was approached by Fultz with an idea to release on PuzzleBox a female duo group called Black Electric. Tucker hadn’t planned to put any other artist on PuzzleBox besides Anthony Shakir, but hearing and meeting the duo Tucker saw not only were the two ladies very beautiful, they had talent and love for techno. Black Electric’s first release on PuzzleBox PBX-5 To date Tucker has taken a break to create and make new music. Rethinking directions for the future. He will be re-releasing a series of ep’s from the back catalog. Check out this charismatic men from detroit’s electro and techno personas on his very own record label.