aDepth Audio

About the label:

aDepth audio is a new Dutch record labelmasterminded by DJ & record collector Sander Prins and producer and events promoter Tim Gaal, both of whom have been actively involved in the techno scene in the southern part of the Netherlands for several years. Sander and Tim share a passion for deep melodic techno as well as for all electronic music that is made with the energy and soul of Detroit techno.

Each release will initially be available as a limited-run pressing of 12″ vinyl in order to promote the art, sound, and collectability of the music and the records. Following this, the releases will also be available as a digital download.

The label will release music from new talent as well as established names including Microworld, Rennie Foster, Arthur Oskan, Erell Ranson, Rob Belleville, and Arne Weinberg.