Since the founding of Diamonds and Pearls Music, the EAT project has been an example of the versatility and open-minded philosophy of the DNP record label. Most tracks by EAT are unique and and cannot be categorized in terms of any known genre. Although the two members of EAT occasionally create art and music separately, the sound of the EAT team is very different from that of their solo projects.

While playing live the group transports their complex analogue and digital sound from the “Blind Emperor Studio” by the use of old analogue synthesizers, a high-end Pacarana KYMA sound computing system, two Laptops running DIY supercollider applications and lots of other software and knob twiddling hardware.

EAT only perform their very own sounds. You will not hear any factory, preset or library sounds. In the club you can expect a rhythm-driven warm pumping sound with lots of glimmering tunes and rich coloured chords.

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