Death by Rainbow (Killekill Sublabel)
DEATH BY RAINBOW is a Queer Clublabel dedicated to push gay dance culture into darker and uncharted territorries. Queer Dance Music has been travelling a beaten path the last years, redefining the working formula over and over, forgetting that there used to be a time when it was all about excitement for the new and unusual. Death By Rainbow wants to put the juice of innovation and fun with new ideas back onto queer dancefloors and fill it with all the things that make up queer culture today. Picking up on the original intention of the freedom and uninhibited joy of Disco and House Music in the pre AIDS era, there are new paths to discover that lead into darker territory, away from the middle of society where queer culture has made a comfy place for itself. Two releases are being featured: One by the fabulous FURFRIEND and one by THE FOOL’S STONE, an Italian supergroup consisting of our favorite disco queen Hard Ton, electro legend Adriano Canzian and queer artist Gaia Brigida. From Acid to House and Techno and back. Enjoy!