Founded in Tokyo by Fumiya Tanaka and Yoshihiro Hanno aka Radiq, op.disc prepares a elastic platform for presenting individualistic ideas from artists. “op.” denotes opus number, which identifies a work of musical composition or a set of works. Since the label’s launch in 2005, op.disc has been introducing Japan’s finest modern electronic music from artists such as AOKI takamasa, Akiko Kiyama, Ditch. On top of that, the label’s masterminds Fumiya Tanaka and Radiq forms a collaborative project called Dartriix. They adds special value to the label through pieces of music in a class of their own. op.disc regularly releases 12″s with unique “Split / Collaboration” style, which aims to present fusional, multilateral character of artists. The label also compiled a series of split / collaboration 12″s into CD compilations. The label released two compilations so far, “Hub Solo & Collabo 2004-2005” and “Hub Solo & Collabo 2006-2008”, both represent the label’s distinctive perspective through quality and diverse styles of artists.each cd release only japan. www.opdisc.com