DNP Label About
What is DnP – Music?

We are a small, radically independent company. All decisions we are making are based upon a democratic process. We select the labels for distribution with extraordinary diligence, regarding both artistic competence and – what is even more essential – sympathy for the people involved. Yes, the devil can distribute his folk album via dNp… if we like his music and he is a nice guy.

Currently our label is not accepting any new artist(s) so please only get in contact if you are a label or want to create your own new label.

Demo – Policy:

Please only send us your stuff if you are sure you want us to distribute your label. We don´t like to be one of many distributions you are contacting randomly. If you want us to listen carefully, send your release on via post and put your upcoming releases first. Write your contact on the CD or a sheet included with the vinyl itself and package it in a small bag with the following address written on the front:

Dnp – Music

Charlotte – Salomon – Hain 11
10317 Berlin
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