The Analogue Cops (featuring Montgomery) - Neukölln EP

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Dancefloor killer release for this debut EP of the infamous duo of The Analogue Cops (Restoration) on the freshly grounded Sabotage record label. 100% analogue warm sound. “NEUKÖLLN DUB” produced with the collaboration of Montgomery (the new alias of Alex Picone / Cadenza) is a fat house track with a minimal feel. A powerful bass line moves around the track and brings in the jazzy touch of a smooth sax. a sophisticated club bomb! The second track on side A, “SQUEEZE”, is a stomping house classic projected in a sci-fi atmosphere. On side B “SHUBI SHUBI” is a strong percussive tune with an obsessive sub-bass, ballistic claps and a subtle underwater feeling. Full infected of garage influences, groovy and funky, with a siren’s choir that brings you to an higher level of consciousness. “BOILING DAY” is a fine mixture of house and techno with a deep dub bass; the sharp beats bring in the main chord during a relentless progression. And the re-start after the central break is simply fantastic.


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