Shingo Suwa / Kai – Merkur 4


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The 4th release on Merkur Schallplatten is a split EP featuring Shingo Suwa and Kai a.k.a Kaitaro Nakajima (Alphahouse / Süd / Enliven). A-1 Shingo Suwa / The Track “a tale of weasels” is a very deep tune with a percussive feeling to it. The rolling but tight groove with its well processed percussion sounds and the overall dub feeling of the track create a suspenseful dense atmosphere. B-1 Kai / The flip side starts with the track “welt”. It is an almost hypnotic track with a solid rhythm surrounded by deep synth-lines and organic percussion sounds. Excellent trippy mood! B-2 Kai / The 2nd track by Kai named “signal” is a gently slower house track. Long chords harmonized with some deep filtered drum sounds evolve into an almost nostalgic house mood.


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