Gonno / Shingo Suwa / Kai – Merkur3

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The 3rd release on Merkur features the 3 japanese artists Gonno, Shingo Suwa and Kai.
The three musicians created a lovely release with smooth danceable house music!


Gonno has composed a silky-smooth atmospheric track called “Short days with the orchid” for this compilation.
A beautifully arranged soundscape with an atmospheric flow and underlaying chords unfolds into a driving rhythm accompanied by a sweet melody.


The founder and “captain” of the label Shingo Suwa produced a deep house track named “Farben”.
The track is build around a solid rhythm, enriched with punchy percussion sounds and garnished with house styled piano chords.


Kai the newcomer on Merkur, a berlin based japanise artist who already released on alphahouse, enliven and süd electronic,
has created a smooth and deep tech house track called ” refrain ” for us.


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