Various Artists – Contentismissing 006

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A1. Eve White : The Duke (7:33)

Eve White kicks off with an unexpectedly acidized disco track that once again hails them as seasoned defenders of both oldschool values and freeform approach.
Their trademark arrangements keep you excited all the way through, while flawlessly reducing the elements to necesseties. A discrete voice announces the Duke’s coming and you believe he is; a stumbling funky groove sealed with an addictive cowbell, the most delicate jazzed up keys and modulating acidlines converging with blooming scifi-ish synths make up for a unique ride.

A2. Jan Tenner : Sol (6:52)

Jan Tenner from Hamburg joins CIM after several releases for Fullbarr Digital UK and delivers one of his momentous deep tech/house movers.
Sol is an elegant and well balanced dancetrack offering a steady pounding groove that is perfectly focused. With a warm throbbing bassline, a sexy percussion work out, classic vocal snippets and a cheeseless dubbed saxophone sample on top.

B1. St Plomb & Crowdpleaser : Out to Catch (7:04)

St Plomb & the Crowdpleaser from Switzerland contribute a track that yet again shows the great wit and talent of these experienced djs and producers.
Uplifting and floorbound it harmoniously displays many facettes ranging from afro beatish tribalism, with an on point funky guitar sample, to hypnotic but modest synth usage.
Ever developing arrangements on a solid groove make ‘Out to Catch’ both a catchy dancefloor weapon and a demanding gem for the dedicated dancer just the same.

B2. Tilman Tausendfreund : Elgygytgyn (7:27)

Tilman Tausenfreund, the young gifted dj from Hamburg offers his solo debut here. Elgygytgyn is a very deep and silent little grinder.
Hypnotic, moody minimalist keys, a lost vocal sample, with a fine blend of mute noises and slow evolving battery work combine to create an atmopsheric track with a meditative, almost fragile mentality.
Sublime intensity and late night intimacy for the ones who know and find delight in the deeper realms …


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