Crowdpleaser – Treehouse / Polygenic Trait

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After a convincing Eve White debut the second release on Hamburg/Berlin based label Contentismissing is following now.
It’s 2008 and Crowdpleaser rises from the Geneva underground. His first album “2006” in collaboration with St. Plomb on Mental Groove Records was widely acclaimed by the international music press (“album of the year…” in pitchfork media, etc.), some of the album tracks were licensed by Michael Mayer, M.A.N.D.Y and Hernan Cataneo for blockbusting DJ mixes. A 12″ Maxi on CIM follows now.


Polygenic Trait
A minimal track that keeps cool. It takes its time to emerge. A framework of digital percussions and electro sounds is gradually becoming a hypnotic groove. At first, “Polygenic Trait” appears distant, then, it is suddenly covered by a cosy sound. The soft euphoric sheet of sound is crowned by vocal rhythmics. Summarized the track is a symbiosis of contrariness.


Treehouse is a track for fans of impressive, deep house grooves with a tendency to the basics. The track interprets classic elements in a modern way. Modulated vocals and traditional chords are laying on the top of the dark bass groove with decently applied bongo percussions and house claps. Treehouse is a track for your head and hips.


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